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Allowing a stump to remain in your yard and wait for it to naturally decay can take up to a decade, if it happens at all. There is still the possibility that your lingering stump could literally sprout new life. C S Flournoy Inc can remove stumps from your property quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is call us today! 804-264-1000

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When trees are cut down and a stump remains it could take up to a decade for it to naturally decay if it happens at all. There is also a risk when allowing the remains of a stump due to the fact that it could spout new life. It is recommended that up on the removal of a tree that you get the stump grinded away as well to prevent the new growth.

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In addition to the safety hazards, stumps left to decay act as a perfect breeding ground for wood loving insects. Termites, wasps, and beetles are attracted to dead wood like this and could cause there to be an infestation of the stump and even reach the exterior of your home. Handling the situation all inclusively when you get a tree cut down could be beneficial and help avoid these concerns. Call C S Flournoy Inc today! 804-264-1000
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Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

There are a few differences between stump grinding and stump removal. When it comes to stump removal the entire stump is removed by digging it out. On the other hand, the grinding technique that is more commonly used because of its practicality; the stump will be grinded down to below ground level and once gone is covered with dirt, mulch, or grass. Over time, the stump will decay beneath the earth’s surface out of site.