Tree Trimming, Pruning, and Fertilizing

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If you want to take the best care possible of your trees and your property in general, tree trimming is an important job to take care of. Many trees require trimming 3-5 years in order to avoid overgrowth. C S Flournoy Inc requires the tools and skills to help ensure that your property always looks stunning and well maintained. As well as maintaining the curb appeal, trimming your trees is essential to reducing the risk of damage that limbs can cause to your property like the roof, the siding, nearby structures, fencing, cars and other things. We can take care of trimming and removal in tight or hard to reach spots.

Precise and Effective Tree Pruning

Proper Tree Pruning also helps the overall health of your trees, as well as the appearance and home functionality. It is essential for making sure sunlight can get through to spots you may want it to in order to reach your solar panels or naturally heat your swimming pool.

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Before and After Trimming — Tree Trimming in Richmond, VA

Keep Your Tree Healthy with Correct Fertilizer

Trees can always use some type of fertilizer to ensure better health. It also generally takes a trained eye to determine which trees are in the most need. However, you can also look yourself to try to determine which of your trees are in the most need. For example, one tell-tale sign is if the new twig growth over the past year is less than two inches, this is the ideal candidate for fertilization.

However, if it has been several years since your trees have been fed or you notice that ongoing regular growth is stunted or at a standstill, then it is most certainly time. Although they do sell many products intended for property owners to take care of the task themselves, the results will not be as effective. It is all about having the best products possible for the type of trees and even the type of climate, but also about how to properly take care of this task in order to have effective results.