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Laurel Tree Care Company Trees are beautiful, living things that you want to take care of when they grow on your property. At different times, there will be trees to remove, trees to trim, and a lot of other tasks to take care of them. Hiring a tree service is often the best option for homeowners who can't or don't want to do the work themselves.

If you are ready to seek help, you can count on our team at C.S. Flournoy for professional tree services in Laurel. We have more than 30 years of experience in the tree removal and tree service industry, so we are skilled and heavily equipped to do the work. With our team, you have quality service, reasonable rates, and all the professional assistance you need. Just call today to get your free estimate. Our staff is ready and willing to help.

Trees and Brush Growing Along Your Fence Line?

Trees, vines, wild brush, and nettles love to grow along fence lines. This most often happens when the mowing and trimming aren't kept up. The Virginia Creeper is a well known vine growing rampant throughout our state. It is hard to tell this vine from poison ivy, so be careful when clearing out this type of brush.

If wild trees and brush have taken over the property lines or the fence, it's a lot of work to clear it all out. We have the equipment, time, and skill to remove trees and clear your property lines. This will give you a fresh start to keeping the area clear.

We Remove Trees & Stumps

Waiting for the next big dead branch to fall from your tree? It is far better to trim the tree than to wait for it to crash down on you or your house. Some trees are too far gone to save so they have to be removed completely. Let us take care of the tree removal and stump grinding for you. A professional service is the safest way to get rid of them.

Deep Root Fertilization For Healthy Trees

The stronger the tree, the less likely it is to suffer from a disease, insect infestations, and wind damage. This injection of nutrients goes deep down to the roots to help your trees grow healthy and strong. We use a high-quality nutrient solution to feed the trees one or twice per year. If the trees are in danger of damage, soil compaction, or other problems, our certified arborist will help you treat these problems.

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