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With over 30 years in the Richmond area we have employees on staff that are trained to properly identify insects and mites that threaten or damage trees and plants in your specific area. Most homeowners are misinformed and assume that all insect on trees and shrubs are bad, but in actuality some are beneficial. When it comes to pesticide treatments there are many different options to proceed on. Give us a call for a free estimate so we may assist you in the identification of the problem, and what treatment would work best for your home or property.

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Flea and Tick Control

When the seasons roll into spring, fleas and ticks become more active and menacing to not only people but our pets too. C S Flournoy Inc can treat your lawn, trees and shrubs before these insects become an issue. Beat the bugs to the punch; Call C S Flournoy Inc to protect you and your pets from fleas and ticks. 804-264-1000

The Dangers of Tree Fungus

Out of most tree fungus infections that occur, rarely are there fungi that can affects humans and surrounding plants. There are still a few aspects of a fungal infection of a tree that can lead to safety concerns.
Fungi can eat away at the tree from the inside out and this makes it difficult to trace the condition of the tree. This can ultimately weaken the wood and this can compromise the main support of the tree and cause it to not be able to sustain the weight of the branched and cause breakage or in worse cases the entire tree to fall destroying everything in its path.
Reduce the risk of these disasters happening. Call C S Flournoy Inc today to inspect your tree's condition and evaluate the safety of the property.

How can I tell if my tree has fungus?

Some indications that your trees may be experiencing a fungi infection are: leaf spots, leaf scorch, and tree rust (white, yellow, or red spots on leave, branches or trunks).