Benefits of Stump Grinding in Richmond


One of the first things you should think about when it comes to Richmond Stump Grinding is that you have to address some method of dealing with the stump. It cannot be stressed enough that once your tree has been cut down, you should not simply leave the stump there to take up space and become a breeding ground of insects or other pests.

For starters, what's left of your tree is going to be in the way which makes it hard to deal with during tasks like mowing the lawn. Not to mention, couldn't you better use that prime real estate for something more productive like a garden or another aspect of well planned landscaping? What may also come as a surprise is that, with the roots still intact, your stump could continue to grow. Do you really need to deal with the same tree over and over again?

Advantages of Grinding

While there are other methods to use, stump grinding has its own unique benefits. Some of these include:

    Mulch for you plants – grinding up your stump provides you with one of the best natural mulches which will help your plants thrive

    Go green! - We are all always looking for more ways to be Eco-friendly. Grinding your stump is a smart alternative to other methods that are less than Eco-concious.

    Time efficiency – One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your yard look like the stump was never there is to go the way of the grind.

    Little to no chance of damage to surrounding trees or plant life – Other methods require equipment that can destroy nearby trees and plant life. Focus on taking care of the problem at hand without compromising other living things that make your yard look so pretty.

Finding the Right Team

Of course the other decision you have to make when it comes to stump grinding is who you will call on to get the job done. At C.S. Flournoy we have spent well over 30 years taking care of the local Richmond residents and their tree care service needs. We know what it takes to get the job done, including stump grinding.

You need to know you are working with someone who has the proper training, skills and experience to get the job done. Of course, this also includes having at least the industry required basics like licensing and insurance. At C.S. Flournoy we have all of that, and then some. So let our Richmond Tree Removal Company show you in person how we earned the flawless reputation we have for more than three decade

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